The ideal system for frames replacement!

ELVIAL EL 6500 SMART SLIDE is a new thermal insulating sliding system, that offers increased possibilities for covering all types of sliding frames. It is ideal for frames replacement as it offers easy and fast construction, as well as installation. It is certified by the most reputable institute, Ift Rosenheim in Germany, with an excellent performance regarding thermal transmittance rate with a Uf value of 3,9 W / (m2 * k) for successive sashes construction.

  • Available in sliding variant but also in lift & sliding variant for a better tightness.
  • Firm system with elegant, minimal lines
  • Thermal transmittance rate Uf= 3,9 W/(m2*K) for successive windows construction.
  • Frame dimensions for in-wall sliding constructions from 77,3 mm for a sash+flyscreen construction and from 93,3 mm to 112,6 mm for sash+flyscreen+shutter construction
  • A slide & lift mechanism (90 and 150kg) or a simple sliding mechanism can be placed
  • High level of thermal insulation thanks to the use of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide of bars of 28 mm, 24 mm, 22 mm, 18 mm and 16 mm.
  • Specially designed sealing gaskets for successive sashes constructions.
  • Specially designed sealing parts for in-wall constructions.
  • Smooth sliding thanks to the use of an inox track
  • Innovative design of joint corners for a solid frame construction
  • Maximum glazing thickness 27mm.
  • Available only in linear shape.
Aluminium alloy AIMgSI 0.5 F22
Minimum coating thickness 80 μm
Profiles’ thickness (min-max) 1,1 mm – 1,8 mm
Profiles’ dimensions check According to EN 12020-2
  • ELVIAL-EL-6500

Frame dimensions Width 39,9 mm to 132,6 mm - Height 40 mm
Sash dimensions Width 61,3 mm - Height 70,7 mm, 71,3 mm, 79,5 mm, 93,3 mm, 97,3 mm

Maximum sash dimensions with 150 kg mechanism Width 2000 mm – Height 2350 mm
Minimum sash dimensions with 150 kg mechanism Width 670 mm - Height 850 mm
Maximum sash dimensions with 90 kg mechanism Width 1900 mm - Height 2350 mm
Minimum sash dimensions with 90 kg mechanism Width 500 mm - Height 1250 mm
Maximum sash dimensions for regular sliding frame Width 2000 mm - Height 2350 mm
Minimum sash dimensions for regular sliding frame Width 300 mm - Height 400 mm
Maximum sash weight with 150 kg mechanism 150 Kg
Maximum sash weight with 90 kg mechanism 90 Kg
Maximum sash weight for regular sliding frame 90 Kg
Glass thickness 14 mm, 21mm, 24 mm & 27 mm

Profiles Thermal Transmittance Rate (Uf)

3,9 W/(m2*K)

  • The design, production process and quality control of all ELVIAL profiles are certified according to the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • ELVIAL coating process is certified and conducted in accordance with the European standard QUALICOAT

All types of sliding frames

Profiles' Thermal Transmittance (Uf) for In-Wall Lift & Sliding Systems






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